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Cupcake Flavours

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The Classics

{Available Everyday}

VANILLA – Our moist Vanilla cake         with Vanilla buttercream.


CHOCOLATE – Deep delicious chocolate cake covered with a dark chocolate buttercream.


KEYLIME – Vanilla cake with a Key Lime buttercream


COCONUT – Vanilla cake with Coconut buttercream and covered by shredded coconut.


RASPBERRY – Our signature chocolate cake with Raspberry buttercream made with real raspberries.


MOCHA – Our rich chocolate cake paired with an Espresso buttercream


CARROT – Our moist Carrot cake filled with pineapple, coconut, and walnuts and finished with Cream cheese buttercream.


RED VELVET – A red Milk Chocolate cake topped with Cream Cheese buttercream.


PEANUT BUTTER – Moist chocolate cake with Peanut butter buttercream made with pure organic peanut butter.

The Specials

{Rotates Monthly}


If you want to order a special flavour, on a month, we dont have that flavour, you will have to order 2 dozen per flavour minimum} 

~Flavours with * can be ordered with a 6 cupcake minimum~


ALMOND LATTE – Sweet Almond cake paired with an espresso whipped cream.


MEXICAN CHOCOLATE – Chili Pepper Chocolate cake with a Spiced Chocolate buttercream

*TUXEDO - Our signature chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse center topped with a white chocolate mouse.

Tiramisu - Vanilla and espresso swirl cake, soaked in espresso liquor topped with a marscapone whipped cream

*PISTACHIO – Chocolate cake with a creamy Pistachio buttercream.


*COOKIES ‘N’ CREAM – Dark chocolate cake with a Chocolate Cookie Crumb buttercream and finished with a mini oreo.


S’MORE – Graham cake baked with a piece of dark chocolate and covered in Marshmallow frosting.


THE IRISH- Guinness chocolate cake, injected with a irish whiskey caramel and topped with an Irish Cream whipping cream.


COOKIE DOUGH – Raw choc chip cookie dough baked in a Vanilla cake and covered in a vanilla buttercream and topped with a cookie piece.


LEMON BLUEBERRY – Lemon cake paired with a real Blueberry buttercream and garnished with a blueberry.


BANANA SPLIT – Moist Banana cake swirled in Vanilla and real Strawberry buttercreams and garnished with pineapple, chocolate drizzle and a maraschino cherry.


LEMON LAVENDER – Lemon cake with a soft Lavender buttercream.


*ROOTBEER – Vanilla cake covered in Rootbeer buttercream. 


MAPLE BACON – Maple cake baked with bits of bacon and topped with Maple buttercream. *Canada Day special


*STRAWBERRIES ‘N’ CREAM – Vanilla cake Strawberry buttercream or whipped cream


LEMONCILLO – Vanilla cake with a Lemon curd center and Lemon buttercream.


PINA-COLADA – Coconut cake with Pineapple Rum buttercream.


*ORANGE CREAMSICLE – Vanilla cake infused with real whipped cream and topped with a Orange buttercream

PINK LEMONADE – Pink Lemon cake with a tart Pink Lemonade buttercream.


LEMON COCONUT – Coconut cake with Lemon Cream Cheese buttercream and shredded coconut.


APPLE SPICE – Apple spice cake with Cinnamon cream cheese buttercream


CARAMEL APPLE – Apple spice cake with Caramel buttercream


PB&J – Vanilla cake with Peanut butter buttercream and a Strawberry jam centre.


PUMPKIN PIE – Moist Pumpkin cake with Whipped cream


PUMPKIN SPICE – Pumpkin cake with Cream Cheese buttercream


CHOCONUT – Our signature chocolate cake swirled in coconut buttercream and shredded coconut.


BLACK FOREST – Chocolate cake with a Cherry filling centre and Kirsch Whipped cream.


GERMAN CHOCOLATE – Chocolate cake with Caramel buttercream and topped by toasted coconut and walnuts.


FRENCH TOAST – Cinnamon Vanilla cake with Maple buttercream and a drizzle of maple syrup


*CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT – Chocolate cake with a Chocolate Hazelnut buttercream and hazelnut pieces


*MINT CHOCOLATE – Chocolate cake with Mint buttercream


AGAVE CARROT – Diabetic friendly Carrot cake with Agave Cream Cheese frosting


*low glycemic

*Specials rotate monthly

Our Prices



  • Single – $3.30 each

  • Half Dozen – $18.00 ($3 each)

  • Dozen – $35.00 ($2.90 each)

  • Dozen Mini’s $15.00 (In store Special)

  • Gluten Free - $3.80 each


  • 6”round (serves 6-12) $30.00

  • 8”round (serves 15-20) $48.00

  • 9”round (serves 18-24) $60.00

  • 10”round (serves 25-30) $72.00


Each cake is made up of 3 layers of cake with your choice of flavored buttercream flavours

Choices of buttercream include: Chocolate, Vanilla, Raspberry, Kry Lime, Mocha, Coconut Peanut Butter, Carrot cake, Red Velvet, Black Forest cake, Diabetic and Gluten free cakes also available.


 Tell us your favourite cupcake flavour and we’ll turn it into a cake!

If you choose one of the specials of the month. 8" cake or bigger, order 1 or more weeks in advance.

* NOTE * Listed prices are baseline/starting prices for cakes. Final prices account for number of tiers, complexity of the design requested, flavour, etc.

* Please order cakes at least 5 days to 2 weeks in advance. It all depends of how quickly we get booked for the time you need. Ordering way ahead will confirm you a cake.