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A Boquette of Flavours

The Classics

VANILLA – Our moist Vanilla cake         with Vanilla buttercream.

CHOCOLATE – Deep delicious chocolate cake covered with a dark chocolate buttercream.

KEYLIME – Vanilla cake with a Key Lime buttercream

COCONUT – Vanilla cake with Coconut buttercream and covered by shredded coconut.

RASPBERRY – Our signature chocolate cake with Raspberry buttercream made with real raspberries.

MOCHA – Our rich chocolate cake paired with an Espresso buttercream

CARROT – Our moist Carrot cake filled with pineapple, coconut, and walnuts and finished with Cream cheese buttercream.

RED VELVET – A red Milk Chocolate cake topped with Cream Cheese buttercream.

PEANUT BUTTER – Moist chocolate cake with Peanut butter buttercream made with pure organic peanut butter.

The Specials*

ALMOND LATTE – Sweet Almond cake paired with an espresso whipped cream.

MEXICAN CHOCOLATE – Chili Pepper Chocolate cake with a Spiced Chocolate buttercream

PISTACHIO – Chocolate cake with a creamy Pistachio buttercream.

COOKIES ‘N’ CREAM – Dark chocolate cake with a Chocolate Cookie Crumb buttercream and finished with a mini oreo.

S’MORE – Graham cake baked with a piece of dark chocolate and covered in Marshmallow frosting.

IRISH CREAM – Espresso cake topped with an Irish Cream buttercream.

COOKIE DOUGH – Raw Cookie Dough baked in a Vanilla cake and covered in a Chocolate Chip buttercream.

LEMON BLUEBERRY – Lemon cake paired with a real Blueberry buttercream and garnished with a blueberry.

BANANA SPLIT – Moist Banana cake swirled in Vanilla and real Strawberry buttercreams and garnished with pineapple, chocolate drizzle and a maraschino cherry.

LEMON LAVENDER – Lemon cake with a soft Lavender buttercream.

ROOTBEER – Rootbeer cake covered in Rootbeer buttercream. *Father’s Day special

MAPLE BACON – Maple cake baked with bits of bacon and topped with Maple buttercream. *Canada Day special

STRAWBERRIES ‘N’ CREAM – Vanilla cake with layers of Strawberry buttercream or whipped cream

LEMONCILLO – Vanilla cake with a Lemon curd center and Lemon buttercream.

PINA-COLADA – Coconut cake with Pineapple Rum buttercream.

ORANGE CREAMSICLE – Orange cake with Vanilla and Orange buttercreams.

ORANGE RASPBERRY – Orange cake with layers of Raspberry and Orange buttercreams.

PINK LEMONADE – Pink Lemon cake with a tart Pink Lemonade buttercream.

LEMON COCONUT – Coconut cake with Lemon Cream Cheese buttercream and shredded coconut.

APPLE SPICE – Apple spice cake with Cinnamon cream cheese buttercream

CARAMEL APPLE – Apple spice cake with Caramel buttercream

PB&J – Vanilla cake with Peanut butter buttercream and a Strawberry jam centre.

PUMPKIN PIE – Moist Pumpkin cake with Whipped cream

PUMPKIN SPICE – Pumpkin cake with Cream Cheese buttercream

CHOCONUT – Our signature chocolate cake swirled in coconut buttercream and shredded coconut.

BLACK FOREST – Chocolate cake with a Cherry filling centre and Kirsch Whipped cream.

GERMAN CHOCOLATE – Chocolate cake with Caramel buttercream and topped by toasted coconut and walnuts.

FRENCH TOAST – Cinnamon Vanilla cake with Maple buttercream and a mini french toast garnish.

CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT – Chocolate cake with a Chocolate Hazelnut buttercream and hazelnut pieces

MINT CHOCOLATE – Chocolate cake with Mint buttercream


BANANA BUTTERSCOTCH – Banana cake with a smooth Butterscotch buttercream.

AGAVE CARROT – Diabetic friendly Carrot cake with Agave Cream Cheese frosting *diabetic

*Specials rotate monthly



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