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My sisters and I grew up in a home full of freshly baked treats. Our Oma (grandma) had freshly baked buns or cakes every time we went to visit and our Mom always had something to bake whether one of us children were having a birthday or she was having guests over. So we had the opportunity to help our mom in the kitchen very early in life. We loved helping our mother with her baking every chance we could. Mostly just to lick the bowl, but it grew into a love of baking. Every birthday we were excited to see the creation our Mom and sometimes older siblings came up with. Baking was a special part of our family and still is. Now we have the delight in sharing it with our local community.

How blessed and thankful we are to have the fun of baking for more than just our family and friends but our neighbors too!

Candice in action!


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